Easy Ways to Improve Your Site Structuring

Web visitors feel awkward when they land on a tow truck website that is not easy to navigate. Visitors don’t have time to jump from one corner of a site to another. They want to easily find what they are looking for and make their decision. It is important to structure your site in an intuitive and easy way to navigate so as to retain the attention of your audience. If you don’t, they will bounce off within seconds. If people leave your site because your experience is messy, search engines would think the same as well. This is why you need to put a lot of focus on website architecture. It refers to the architectural structure of your website pages. This structure is reflected through internal linking. The structure of your website should help users easily find information and search engine crawlers will find your content useful if well structured.

Help with Design

Implementing a website structure helps you to design your website for the user experience. You might have the most amazing content, but if users can’t find it, they will leave you for a competitor. A typical website structure looks like a rooted tree graph. In this structure, the home page is the root. The pages that are linked out for the homepage are the branches, and from there, each page has an additional branch that sprouts from it. A sound website architecture strengthens your websites user experience. When you structure your site in an intuitive way, users can seamlessly find the information they are looking for.

You need not to provide many top-level menu items. Additionally, you need to be sure to deliver content that relates to your menu. You should not make users think too hard. A hard to navigate website will have a high bounce rate. Users are not willing to waste their time trying to find information on your site. If you make it hard for them, they will just leave. You need to provide an intuitive web experience for your users. You need to model the structure of your website after top players in your industry. Your customers will be used to the website structure of major brands in your industry, and that means you need to analyze what top players and doing and implement the same.



The navigation format of your website, design principles and links should all follow a consistent pattern. Keeping all these elements the same will help to keep your users on your site longer, because it will be easier for them to quickly navigate new pages and click on your links. When it comes to internal linking, ensure you implement a pillar structure internal linking model. This model makes your internal linking structure clearer and effectively directs users to other pieces of relevant and useful content. When users come across internal link on your website, they should immediately understand which piece of content link will direct them to where. Work on giving a seamless experience to visitors on your site and you will see the rewards


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