How to Create an Effective Email Onboarding Sequence

Converting tow truck customers into subscribers is a fairly straightforward task. You will need to create engaging content as well as creating a signup form to help you collect email addresses and personal information. If you would want to turn your subscribers into loyal customers, you must give them something valuable. You need to show that your business is worth their time and money, and come up with an effective onboarding process. When your subscribers join your mailing list, they want to see benefit of using your products and services, rather than just reading a list of features. While email can be effective in showing subscribers the perks of doing business with you, sending random and overly promotional messages will never turn them to loyal customers. If you want to engage new subscribers, you will need an email sequence that nurtures them towards making a conversion.

Here are some of the best practices to use to create an effective onboarding sequence.

Start with a confirmation email

The first step to creating a successful onboarding process is to ensure that your subscribers are real people who have legitimate email addresses. The easiest way to find out that is to send a short confirmation message to validate the new subscriber’s email.  This is a fundamental process that majority of your subscribers will complete immediately. However, there are some who will miss and forget the email entirely. Ensure they complete confirmation and if they miss, send a follow up email so that they can finalize the process.

Send impressive welcome email

Now that your subscribers have confirmed their email, take time to set the onboarding gears. The welcome email is the most important part of your sequence as it will set the tone of the onboarding process. It should send a powerful impression that can convince a news subscriber to open the rest of the email. Failure to create a good impression will result in low click and open rate. If you want to create a process that turns subscribers, you must create high value welcome message. The email should focus on offering guidance. If your subscribers believe you can help them succeed, they are more likely to open the rest of the email.


Create different sequences

You need to create different sequences for engaged and disengaged users. One challenge you will encounter is having subscribers with different levels of engagement. Some will rush to your content will others will sign up and remain inactive. To account for that, you will need to create different sequences for both active and inactive users. You will need to segment your audience based on the actions they take and target them with different emails. For inactive subscribers, focus on highlighting the value proposition in a way that attracts their attention and offers further information to assist them for re-engagements. You should also work on leveraging personalization. Personalization can dive higher open and click through rates and enhance customer experience. Consider leveraging both simple and advanced personalization techniques for best results.


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